Safe cross code!


Posted by Miss Keniry | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on February 17, 2015

Last week, JCK learned how to cross the road safely! Chris is our crossing lady and she reminded us of lots of important things we have to do when we are crossing the road:

IMG_2471We stand behind the white line while we are waiting.


IMG_2475                      IMG_2476

We wait to hear TWO whistles and then we WALK CAREFULLY across the road to the other side. We keep listening and looking and thinking while we walk across.

Thanks Chris for helping us to keep safe when we are crossing the road!

Miss K 🙂


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HI, how are you going? your class is good. I like your blog.

Thanks Destiny! I’m glad you like our blog! We are going to put up some new pictures very soon!

your blog is cool and I like it

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